Fall for These Nail Trends This Autumn


Fall shades (think autumnal burgundy, dark purple, hunter green, rich berry shades and copper) will always be a staple for classic autumn manicures. But just because they’ll never go out of style doesn’t mean you have to stick to them alone, and you definitely don’t have to wear only one at a time.

Nail trends for this fall are all about the intersection of subtlety and excess. Think metallic wires glued to sheer nude nails, magnetic gel, and logo nails. In this article, you’ll find unexpected ways to wear both timeless shades and stunning nail art, as well as DIY-friendly designs and more intricate styles that call for a professional.

From nail wires to inventive techniques, here’s how to nail your mani-pedi this season, as inspired by the autumn/winter 2019 catwalk and our favorite A-list manicurists.

Despite what it looks like, you can easily achieve this look. The index finger was done by applying a coat of magnetic gel on clear base, and the rest of the fingers had a deep blue color underneath, so if you look into it they are a bit different.
There’s no right answer, so try it with different base colors and designs.


You can achieve this look by using thin strands of gold wire on the nails to create a three-dimensional design. Use tweezers to shape and manipulate the wire into any style of your choosing. Make sure the wire’s end has a nice finish so it doesn’t get caught in your clothes.

rouge-shaped nails

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