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As soon as the temperature goes up, we all want to jump straight into neon nail polish, right? But while we love a bright color as much as anyone else, can we suggest experimenting with your nails a little? Basic manicures in shades of nude or red are great for spring, fall, and winter. But summer is the time to let loose and go for a nail look that’s a little sunnier—and a thousand times more fun. Plus, a new tan might inspire you to try a shade you wouldn’t always reach for in the dead of winter.

Summer is also the perfect time to really go all-in with your manicure—you’ll be wearing fewer layers, so use your fingers as an extra accessory. It’s all about fun nail art. Graphic lines and rainbow manicures will reign. From subtle gradients (rainbow nails are everything right now) to jelly nails, there’s a little something for every taste and skill level. Scroll on for the chicest nail art ideas for summer 2019 for minimalists, maximalists, and everyone in between.

Upgrade a nude mani with actual flowers, or trace a few on the accent nails.


If you’re bored of basic nail patterns and you’re not really feeling the floral vibe, try this cool, fruity look.


Whether they’re rainbow or clear, there’s something about jelly nails that makes you just want to squish them, isn’t it? Layer some jelly acrylics over your nail polish of choice for a manicure that is guaranteed to make you smile every time you look at it.


Green and gradients are the most popular nail trends for Summer ’19. Get the best of both worlds and combine these trends for an instantly interesting mani.

soft rhinestones

Soft rhinestones really give a sophisticated upgrade to a simple background, don’t they?


The rainbow nail trend is one part fun, one part sunshine. Stick to soft, pastel hues such as baby pink, creamsicle orange, lavender and light green, to really nail your summer rainbow mani.

a little splash of gold

Sheer nude nails topped with subtle golden details are swoon-worthy. It’s nail art for those of us who can’t get too adventurous with our nails.


A new day, a new nail trend to obsess over, am I right?. The trend we’re obsessing over this time? Irididescent nails! These ultra-shiny polishes and powders are making a big comeback this summer and they can quickly turn your nails from “Oh, nice” to “OMG, obsessed!”

abstract art

Everyone is loving the abstract nail art trend right now, and it looks amazing with a neutral nail. The easiest way to do it is mixing geometric nail art with a matte finish. To pull the look off just apply a few coats of nude polish and add a little pizzazz to a couple of nails, (or all).

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