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When it comes to hair trends, nothing is ever really out. Obviously, there are trends that naturally come and go — especially when it comes to hair color. Thanks to social media, it’s easier to notice when all of a sudden, your friends, favorite influencers, celebrities, and other people are getting the same dye job. That’s how trends are born, after all. But the question is: How can you get ahead of what’s next in hair color? By paying attention to celebrity hairstylists, of course. Some of their clients happen to be major trendsetters.

These summer colors, luckily for us, are very wearable and chic. Some of them are easier than others to achieve (you heard me, pastel), but each can look incredible on just about everyone. Rather than have you scrolling endlessly through Insta for inspo, we gathered the coolest hair vibes in one place. Happy scrolling. 

graham cracker

When it comes to hair color, blonde is still number one but, that doesn’t mean that all blondes are created equal. Thankfully, you can achieve the color using different hues and tones, which allows you to personalize your look and adapt it to your personal style and features. This particular variation of blonde is destined to be a huge summer hit, the graham cracker. This color falls mid-range between a blond and brunette, and most colorists think of it as a dirty-blonde color with warm gold undertones. It’s one step lighter than hazelnut brown, and it is very easy to wear as it suits a great variety of skin tones.

boho blonde

Boho blonde is a mixture of balayage and sunlight techniques that create a beautiful, natural blonde. If you’ve never heard of the concept before, sunlight is a permanent bleaching technique (from one to three shades) that gives hair instant glow. This combination creates a darker root for a sun-kissed finish as if the sun itself had lightened your strands.

To get a result that’s bright and full of vitality, gentle bleaching techniques and subtle hues of blonde are used, from honey to gold, mainly when applied to a light base. These lighten and intensify as they reach the hair’s tips. The aim is to create a color that evolves naturally in contact with the sun and fresh air, so you don’t want the roots to be overly dark.

sunkissed glow

Rich, creamy brunettes are going to be huge this summer. Reminiscent of your favorite chocolate desserts, this color has a deep base and added depth from highlights and toners. Dimensional highlights — warm, subtle chocolate-y, as if touched by the sun — are the perfect summer refresher. This isn’t the type of color job that will make everyone go, “Wow! You changed your hair!” It will make everyone say, “You look so good today—what is it about you that’s different?” This natural look shows that it doesn’t take a major change to have a major impact.

strawberry lemonade

Just like in the late ’60s and early ’70s, strawberry-blonde hair is having a moment again. If you already have natural red hair, try adding in some golden highlights to get a sunkissed look.

If you are blonde and want to add a hint of red to your hair, ask your colorist to apply a light, strawberry glaze over your strands. For darker hair, you’d need to first lighten it with a single process (which is a permanent hair color that lifts the pigment), and then add in red highlights from there. It’s an excellent option for adding warmth, which can complement your skin tone.

pastel pink

Pastels may be a universal sign of spring, but baby-pink highlights are going to stick around for summer surely. Pastel pink is tricky to pull off but looks great on any base color when done right. The rose-gold color is easier to achieve when you have a light blonde base, obviously. But if you have dark hair and still want to experience the trend, make sure to ask your colorist to use a deeper shade of rose with more pigment, which will complement the dark base nicely. Enjoy the unicorn vibes.

Not quite blonde, not quite orange, “blorange” is an excellent way to transition into a summer hairstyle. We love oranges for their sweet, juicy taste and vibrant color, and this shade is equal parts edgy as it is chic. It’s essentially the color of sunshine, making it the ideal summertime shade.

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