Vacation Makeup: These Are The Best Foundations for Summer


Many of us choose to skip foundation or pretty much all makeup in the summer to avoid looking like our face is melting into the heat. I totally get that. But let’s be honest: We don’t always have the best skin days, and sometimes a little foundation can save everything. Whether you favor a lightweight CC cream or prefer a bit more coverage, choosing the right formula is the difference between looking like a melting contour palette and an I-woke-up-like-this complexion. Seriously, the last thing you need when you’re trying to beat the summer heat is hot-mess summer makeup.

Now, with the weather starting to become hotter and more humid, you definitely don’t want a ton of product on your face. Before we go on, I think it’s essential to mention what I classify as lightweight on my skin. To me, light coverage and lightweight are not necessarily the same. When I consider a foundation to be lightweight, it’s because I don’t feel it lingering on my skin like a rubber mask, but instead, it feels moisturizing and natural. I refrain from foundations that feel heavy and thick (I’m looking at you, Huda Beauty Faux Filter), or foundations that are overly drying. I prefer foundations that are somewhat in the middle, with a natural, dewy finish. There are only a few matte foundations that I really like, and I presented them in this haul.

Next, I’ll be reviewing some of my favorite foundations geared toward spring and summer. These are foundations that, even though they are not light coverage, feel lightweight on the skin. I chose foundations with different formulations, different coverage points, so there’s definitely one in this haul for everyone.

Note: I have combo-dry skin in the summer, which gradually transcends into dry skin in the colder months.

Chantecaille Future Skin Oil Free Gel Foundation

I absolutely LOVE this foundation. It’s the utmost perfection for the warmer months, and the texture is amazing. It has a gel texture, and it melts into your skin right in, creating a refreshing sensation. It’s almost like a water splash. It’s formulated with Laminaria Saccharina Extract (brown algae extract), Rice Extract, and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract to hydrate your skin deeply. It’s non-comedogenic and free from parabens, phthalates, and fragrance.

Coverage: Buildable Light to Medium

Texture: Gel

Shade Reviewed: Camomile

Finish: Satin, Sheer

Why I love it: Texture—the formula offers a cooling sensation upon application and is absolutely amazing in the warmer months.

Ideal for: All Skin types, but those with Sensitive, Oily, Acne-Prone Skin will notice the greatest benefits.


Laura Mercier Silk Crème Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation

This is my favorite foundation at this time. I discovered it by accident when recovering from a very bad reaction to their Silk Crème Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation (which is the Oil-free version of the foundation that I’m reviewing now). I loved it so much (especially the shade and the finish) that I didn’t want to give up (I actually kept using the Oil-free formula for two more days and kinda made my reaction worse lol). The finish is VERY dewy with a radiant effect. I love a dewy finish more than anything in a foundation, and this one was the dewy-est of them all. Also, I liked the fact that at night, it actually looks incredibly good in flourescent lights, which is a very nice surprise. The texture is lightweight, more on the liquid side. For me, this is a winner, and if you have dry/combo-dry skin, you should definitely try this one out (just make sure to select the Moisturizing Version, not the Oil-Free).

Coverage: Medium to Full

Texture: Liquid

Shade Reviewed: Sand Beige

Finish: Dewy, Radiant

Why I love it: Finish, Texture, Coverage, Shade Match.

Ideal for: Dry, Normal, Combo Skin Types.

M.a.c Face and body foundation

Welcome to one of the most polarizing foundations in the world, (as the case with all MAC foundations). Some people really love this, and some people really hate this. I am among the ones that love this, and I think that thanks to the dewy skin trend, this foundation is making a great comeback. This has one of the best buildable formulas I have ever seen in a foundation. You can put literally 27 layers of it on your face, and it will still look natural and radiant. The trick is… You have to “activate” the formula before you apply it and it performs exceptionally when applied with the hands. Start rubbing it between your fingers until you start feeling it warm and tacky. That’s really when you know it’s working, and it’s ready to be applied to the skin. If you apply it before it’s “activated,” I don’t think you get the same formula. It becomes patchy and does not give you that full skin-like texture that is so famous for. Once applied, it has an excellent natural finish that acts as a second skin. When it settles on your face, it doesn’t hide your natural complexion, and it won’t accentuate anything of whatever you have going on.

Coverage: Light to Medium Coverage, Very Buildable

Texture: Liquid

Shade Review: C3, C4

Finish: Dewy, Radiant

Why I love it: Texture, Finish.

Ideal for: I think it matches all skin types, more or less. With this one, it just depends on your preferences. It also looks great on Mature Skin!

Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation

With an increasing demand for safer ingredients and overall cleaner formulas, it’s obvious that the average consumer has become incredible savvier when choosing a new product. Thankfully, if you want a hybrid between your skincare and your makeup, you have Ilia True Skin. It’s a serum-infused foundation that is equal parts skincare and color correction. It’s formulated with naturally derived ingredients such as Aloe Leaf Extract (1st ingredient!), Mastic, and Jojoba oil. This serum foundation is set to provide radiance, hydration, and sebum control. I just loved the (amazingly) lightweight feel of this. The formulation is very easy to work with, and it’s actually nourishing your skin while providing medium coverage.

Coverage: Medium, Sheer

Texture: Serum

Shade Reviewed: Catalina

Finish: Satin

Why I love it: Texture, Finish.

Ideal for: Sensitive, Dry, Normal, Combo Skin Types.

Bare minerals Original Loose Powder Mineral Foundation

The next one is the Bare Minerals, a long-time cult favorite for its coverage while also looking incredibly natural on the skin. This is godsent during the summer because when it’s super hot and humid, the last thing you need is to feel liquid/creams melting down your face. Apply it with a buffing brush and just work it into the skin. It has a very faint pearlescent effect to it and gives a very healthy glow. You should definitely give this one a try, especially if you have Oily/Sensitive skin. It’s alcohol, paraben, and fragrance-free and has a clean ingredient list. It’s also a 2-in-1 mineral-based sunscreen.

Coverage: Medium

Texture: Powder

Shade Reviewed: Neutral Medium 15

Finish: Matte

Why I love it: Texture, Coverage.

Ideal for: Sensitive, Normal, Combo Skin, Oily Skin Types.

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